My Story

Like so many other moms out there, after having my son in 2012, I was faced with the daunting prospect of going back to work. As much as I had previously loved the thrill and excitement of my 60hr/week fashion career, I was not looking forward to jumping back into that particular grind after my maternity leave ended. So I quit. I started Ollie Jones Clothing in 2012, an ethical kids clothing company that I ran for 6 years.  Starting Ollie Jones was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  I was able to employ fashion students right out of college, connect with mothers all over the world and learn all the ups and downs of starting, and operating a business from scratch.  Unfortunately in 2018, we had to shut Ollie Jones down.  We just couldn't compete with the large fashion retailers and it became nearly impossible to stay afloat and not compromise my beliefs on making an ethical product, handmade in Canada.

I always knew that I would start another business when the time was right.  

Sticky Jokes started when my son was first learning to read in Grade One.  I wanted to include a little note in his lunch each day but I knew he would be embarrassed if I wrote something mushy.  I began to write jokes each day and include them in his lunch and much to my joy, his teacher was delighted to inform me that all the students would gather around his desk each day and read the joke together. 

My son and his classmates continue to enjoy the jokes each day and I know your little one will too!